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7 Ways to Use Your Husqvarna Wet and Dry Vaccum Cleaner

The Husqvarna Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile workhorse made for taking care of cleaning jobs both inside and outside the home. Coming with a variety of handy attachments, suction and blowing capabilities, maximum manoeuvrability, and intuitive controls, nothing escapes the power of our Wet & Dry vacuum.

From cleaning up spills and drying surfaces after pressure washing to blasting away leaves and giving the car that new look and smell, the only limitation is your imagination. To help you get the most out of your Wet & Dry vacuum, here are 7 ways to use it around the home and garden that will save you time and money along the way.

Carpet Cleaning

From good old fashioned dry vacuuming to remove surface dust, dirt and debris to giving the floor a bubble bath and drying down to eliminate deeper dirt, pet urine, and stains from the kids - a wet and dry vacuum can do it all. Perhaps water has saturated and flooded your carpets or floor rugs and they are in desperate need of a deep clean. Too easy!

The washable PET filter helps filter particles during wet and dry conditions, ensuring your vacuum enjoys a longer life with less maintenance. The cleaning nozzle kit makes washing and drying stairs, sofas and reaching into corners a cinch. Enjoy cleaner, fresher smelling carpets that are less likely to harbour allergens or mites.

Car Interiors

It doesn't take long for a car to lose its original new car look and smell. From transporting kids to and from school, commuting to work, taking the dogs for a run on the beach, or just neglecting the interior - it all adds up to making a car look unloved.

Give the trunk, floor mats, and seats a really deep clean, washing away the ingrained dirt and debris to reveal a brighter, cleaner, nicer smelling interior. Stains on the seats? Shaving foam worked in a circular motion and left to sit for 10-minutes before sucking it up will blast it into submission. Be sure to use the cleaning nozzle kit to get into the footwells, where 90% of all dirt is found.

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Condensation Removal

Condensation can cause the growth of unwanted mildew and mould within the home, camper and garage. If you don't have a dehumidifier or good airflow, you'll be able to spot the telltale signs of condensation running down your windows and walls. Carpets, sofas and soft furnishings will feel damp and that unmistakable musty mushroom smell will start to fill the air.

A wet and dry vacuum is a quick and easy way to draw condensation out of carpets, rugs and sofas, off of windows and walls and from ceilings and hard to reach areas. Of course, improving airflow will go a long way with preventing condensation - but in the short term, a wet and dry vacuum will do the job.

Leaf Blowing

Be it down to the annual leaf drop or a recent storm, leaves love nothing more than blocking sunlight to the ground, killing off the grass beneath and providing the perfect environment for algae to grow. If you don't have a leaf blower at hand, or you've already stored it away for the year, fear not.

The Husqvarna WDC 325L has a reverse blow function, turning your vacuum from a vacuum to a blower. Clear lawns, paths, patios and guttering with the power of air. Blast cobwebs and dust away. And dry windows after washing them down with a hose for a streak-free finish.

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Patio & Deck Drying

If you've had the pressure washer out and been hard at work restoring your patio, paths and decks, you can get a spotless finish in a few simple steps. First of all, remove standing puddles of water and surface moisture by running over the surface with the floor nozzle attachment.

Next, switch the hose to the blow outlet and run across the entire surface, working your way from the centre, out. This will help remove any remaining dust and dirt, getting right into the cracks and crevices. The friction generated by the air as it passes over the surface will also massively speed up the rate of drying.

Pooling Water

Cellars, basements and garages are all prone to pooling water, especially when they are lower than the surrounding streets. Pooling water is not only inconvenient, but it can also weaken the foundations of your property and increase the risks of rising damp. For the most part, it's only an every now and then issue, but it's simple to dry up with a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

A wet and dry vacuum will make quick work of standing water, giving you a chance to dry out the ground, apply any sealants or work on drainage. If water begins to pool after rain, the culprit could be down to a blocked drain or gutters - which could possibly be unblocked with your vacuum too, depending on how dense the blockage is. Whether you want to de-puddle your patio for a BBQ party, clean the guttering or minimise the risk of damp indoors - all it takes is your vacuum and a few minutes.

Draining Small Ponds

Need to give the fish pond, hot tub or pool a clean? Tired of being able to drain it almost all the way but being left with a few inches at the bottom? Want to clear algae, silt and muck from the sides? Dig out your wet and dry vacuum and discover an easier way to get the job done.

The telescopic tube and the rubber nozzle from the cleaning kit are absolutely perfect for swimming pools to remove bugs, leaves and surface pollution. Stones in the bottom of the pool? Not a problem. Suck them up in seconds. Drain small ponds for an annual clean, getting into every nook and cranny. If it needs the last few inches drained, why bother with buckets when you can suck it up in seconds?

Find Your Perfect Wet & Dry Vacuum

Both the Husqvarna WDC 220 and the WDC 325L are fantastic options for homeowners and small businesses. Take advantage of powerful wet and dry vacuuming capabilities combined with useful accessories, smart storage, intuitive controls, and easy waste disposal.